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Carbon dioxide

Yeast for baking

How Yeast Works

Yeast is a single cell microorganism. This tiny living creature has been used for baking and brewing through the fermentation process since ancient times. Without it, we might not discover the bread! Yeast is definitely important for us in making our food and we continue to use it even today. It can be found everywhere, in the store. The most common yeast sold in-store is cells called Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a dry form. It looks like a powder, but it… Read More »How Yeast Works

Biodiesel fuel station

How to Make Biodiesel

What is Biodiesel The scientific name for biodiesel is fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) and the term is well known among the researchers. What inside biodiesel is not the same as that of diesel from petroleum. Diesel mostly contains paraffin, naphthenes, alkylbenzenes, and some aromatic compounds. Even though they are different, it works for a normal engine. You might notice biodiesel at some gas pump station. But most of them are not 100% biodiesel. They usually mixed at up to… Read More »How to Make Biodiesel