create graph using free software

Design a Graph Professionally with the Free Software

Veusz If you want to design a graph with a professional look, you can use Veusz. Veusz is a free graphing software to create scientific plotting and graphs for professional presentations, scientific reports, and publications. It can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and macOS. Almost every type of graph can be designed with Veusz including 2-D and 3-D graphs. The software allows us to do various customization to create a sleek and beautiful graph. You can tweak… Read More »Design a Graph Professionally with the Free Software

Free Online Tools to Draw Chemical Structures

If you are a science’s student you may require to insert a chemical structure in the report or assignment. Drawing it with paint is not an easy task. What people normally do is search the structure using google image. Copy-paste it, then you are done. You are lucky if you could found the chemical structure. Even if you are lucky, the image is not at high resolution. There are actually plenty of free online tools for drawing chemical structures. MolView… Read More »Free Online Tools to Draw Chemical Structures

Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions

Exothermic reactions are chemical reactions that release energy. The energy release usually in the form of heat. While endothermic reactions are chemical reactions that absorb energy. Any elements or compounds in existence within a specific system needs the energy to maintain its state. If a compound wants to change to another product they need to release or absorb heat to meet the requirement of the new products. Exothermic reaction If the level of energy of the product is less than… Read More »Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions

Alternative Source for Chemicals

Concern on oil depletion and global warming has shifted us to alternative energy such as solar and wind energy. But we could not stop just yet to produce chemicals from petroleum oil. Because chemicals are essential building blocks for us to make fabric, plastic ware, container, paint, solvents, shoes, carpet, medicine, flavor, fragrances, additives, and much more. There are plenty of options for energy sources, but there are no alternative sources for producing chemicals. Without chemicals, our lifestyle would not… Read More »Alternative Source for Chemicals

Good Hand Sanitizer

In the event of a pandemic, people are more aware of good hygiene and health-conscious to stay from infection. This causes the price of health sanitizer to skyrocket and event out of stock. Actually, making a hand sanitizer is not too difficult. We could make it at home by mixing alcohol with either propylene glycol, glycerine, or aloe vera gel. But, how to be sure that our homemade hand sanitizer works. Purpose of hand sanitizer The purpose of hand sanitizer… Read More »Good Hand Sanitizer

Yeast for baking

How Yeast Works

Yeast is a single cell microorganism. This tiny living creature has been used for baking and brewing through the fermentation process since ancient times. Without it, we might not discover the bread! Yeast is definitely important for us in making our food and we continue to use it even today. It can be found everywhere, in the store. The most common yeast sold in-store is cells called Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a dry form. It looks like a powder, but it… Read More »How Yeast Works

Glass making blowing

Glass Making Process We Never Thought

We use glass as glassware, dishware, bottles, windows, and even a wall. The unique properties of glass to be transparent, chemically stable, and can withstand high temperatures make them useful for our daily usage. Surprisingly, glass is made from the sand! How they make it, is something we never thought. Egyptians and Mesopotamians had used glass before us. You might be puzzled how they made this before the century. Sand can be transformed into the glass because it has silicon… Read More »Glass Making Process We Never Thought

cooking oil fried potatoes

How Many Times Cooking Oil Could be Reuse

We love frying food because of the taste and texture. It looks delicious! I do love crunchy and crispy fried potato or fried chicken. Who does not, you really have weird taste. Get a doctor! For those who did kitchen work, it quite often we reuse the cooking oil because we don’t want to waste it. Especially when we are running a food business. We want to cut costs, reuse cooking oil does matter. Do you ever wonder how many… Read More »How Many Times Cooking Oil Could be Reuse

nitrile glove

Know Your Rubber Glove

Have you ever wear a glove before? If not, you definitely not a doctor, nurse, or scientist. I still remember back at school, my chemistry teacher asked me to use a glove while doing an experiment even though it too huge for my hands. But it does the job! protecting your hand. These days glove is essential items, not just for hospital and lab workers. It also for those handling food & beverages or customer services. Because gems, bacteria, and… Read More »Know Your Rubber Glove

Prebiotic and Probiotic

Prebiotic or Probiotic

If you bought beverages or supplements from the store, you may notice the word ‘Prebiotic’ and ‘Probiotic’ on the label. Are these two words mean the same thing? It is not! What is probiotic Probiotic means your product contains living bacteria! but don’t get scared as these bacteria are special and work wonders for our digestive system. As a matter of fact, we do have millions of bacteria living in the intestine to digest our foods and they contribute to… Read More »Prebiotic or Probiotic