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Know Your Rubber Glove

nitrile glove

Have you ever wear a glove before? If not, you definitely not a doctor, nurse, or scientist. I still remember back at school, my chemistry teacher asked me to use a glove while doing an experiment even though it too huge for my hands. But it does the job! protecting your hand.

These days glove is essential items, not just for hospital and lab workers. It also for those handling food & beverages or customer services. Because gems, bacteria, and viruses are everywhere. We want to protect ourselves and protect others as well. To be hygienic we need a glove.

So which glove should you buy and wear? Don’t buy them randomly, each type of glove have their own purposes. Actually, there are three types of glove available in the store right now. Those are made from nitrile, latex, or vinyl. This material does matter for the task you want to do, so check them out.

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Nitrile Glove

If you want durable glove and last longer, nitrile glove is your choice. Nitrile glove is easy to spot, those glove in blue is usually made of nitrile rubber. It frequently uses in the laboratory, especially for handling solvents and chemicals since it posses high chemical resistance.

Latex glove

The doctor and nurse love to use latex gloves. It is white in color and very comfortable to wear. Your touch sensitivity is not much affected when you wear a latex glove. Because of this reason, it very helpful during surgery and you could feel every single bit of touch.

Vinyl glove

The vinyl glove is white in color and you could buy it with the lowest price. It works well to prevent your hand from getting wet though. However, it less durable and less stretchy. You might need multiple sets of gloves for dishwashing. Whose care, it cheap!

Regardless of these three gloves, your hand will get sweaty. None of them is breathable and they are like plastic. Gems, bacteria, and viruses would not pass through it unless there’s a hole on it. Don’t use it all day long and only when it necessary.