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Glass Making Process We Never Thought

Glass making blowing

We use glass as glassware, dishware, bottles, windows, and even a wall. The unique properties of glass to be transparent, chemically stable, and can withstand high temperatures make them useful for our daily usage.

Photo by form PxHere
Photo by form PxHere

Surprisingly, glass is made from the sand! How they make it, is something we never thought. Egyptians and Mesopotamians had used glass before us. You might be puzzled how they made this before the century.

Sand can be transformed into the glass because it has silicon dioxide. It also consists of minerals, rocks, and dirt. Beforehand, other impurities have to be removed to form transparent and colorless glass.

Photo by form PxHere

To make glass, sand is melted at high temperature to form a hot liquid. If you wonder how it looks, it is similar to the larva in the volcanos. During the melting process sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate are added to reduce the melting point of the sand. Once melted it can be transformed into a sheet, tube, and various other shapes by blowing techniques.