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Design a Graph Professionally with the Free Software

create graph using free software


If you want to design a graph with a professional look, you can use Veusz. Veusz is a free graphing software to create scientific plotting and graphs for professional presentations, scientific reports, and publications. It can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and macOS.

Almost every type of graph can be designed with Veusz including 2-D and 3-D graphs. The software allows us to do various customization to create a sleek and beautiful graph. You can tweak the font, marker, line, background and etc. To upload the data you can use edit data function to add the data manually or import the data directly from the text, CSV, HDF5 and FITS files.

The software loaded with tons of features for designing graphs and plotting. You might need sometimes to get familiar with the software. They provide manual, examples, and video tutorials to help novice user to create their first graph. There are few tutorials available on youtube as well.

Chart Studio Plotly

Plotly offers a similar experience of graphing and plotting when using excel. You can create bar charts, box plot, scatter plots, pie, histograms, line graphs, 2-D plots, 3-D plot, surface contour, and much more. The data can be manually added or imported from Xls, CSV, or SQL files.

Styling the graph is quite easy with Plotly. You can change the colors, font type, font size, marker and etc. The useful feature is that it allows us to add annotations, image, or shape to the figure. Creating a legend for your graph is much better with Plotly, we can set subscript or superscript. The legend can be moved around on the graph to your desire spot.

Once done, you can save and download the graph as an image or HTML file. But you have to create a free account.


GraphRobot is a web-based tool to create a plotting. The tool has a very limited function for graphing. But if you want a quick solution to plot a data set and do linear regression, you can count on GraphRobot. You can get the statistical data from the regression as well. To start plotting, copy-paste your data from excel to the web tool. From the data, you will have an option to create a bar chart from a group of data or a 2-D graph from the x-y data set. Besides creating a bar chart and 2-D plotting, you can do statistical analysis on your raw data such as detecting the outliers, T-test, One-Way ANOVA, TWO Way ANOVA and etc.