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Measurable Chemicals by UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis (Ultraviolet-Visible) spectrophotometers are frequently used to measure the concentration of different types of chemical compounds that absorb light in the UV and visible areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. The variety of chemical substances that UV-Vis can detect includes: Organic compounds UV-Vis spectrophotometers are commonly used to determine the concentration of organic compounds with conjugated double bonds or aromatic rings. Examples include chromophores such as phenols, nitro compounds, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Inorganic compounds Some inorganic compounds absorb light in… Read More »Measurable Chemicals by UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Measuring Chemicals Using Spectrophotometer

The following steps must be performed in order to use a spectrophotometer to measure a chemical compound’s concentration: Sample Preparation Dissolve the chemical compound into a solvent solution. The solution must be clean and free of any contaminants that might interfere with the measurement. Select The Appropriate Wavelength Identify the wavelength of light that the substance absorbs, also known as its maximum absorbance. You can find this information in a reference book or by using a UV-Vis spectral database. Choose… Read More »Measuring Chemicals Using Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Uses and Applications

Spectrophotometers are extensively applied in various disciplines, including chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, environmental science, and many more. They quantify the intensity of light absorbed or transmitted by a sample at various wavelengths. Primarily, spectrophotometers are employed to quantify the chemical concentrations in a sample or to identify unidentified substances. Check our previous post about the spectrophotometer or also known as UV-Vis spectroscopy. These are some typical uses and applications of the spectrophotometer: Quantitative analysis of chemical substances Spectrophotometers can be… Read More »UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Uses and Applications

Where to Find Chemicals and Physicals Properties

Sometimes we do need to find the properties of a specific chemical. It could be for scientific reports, performing a chemical calculation, modeling, and simulation purposes. If you need to find any chemicals or physicals properties, you can try the following databases. It is indeed the best place to start with. Most of the databases offer tons of information on any compounds. Free databases for chemical & physical properties NIST Chemistry WebBook PubChem Chemspider Chemnetbase MatWeb Paid Databases for chemical… Read More »Where to Find Chemicals and Physicals Properties

Free software to Draw Chemical Structures and Chemical Reaction Schemes

Drawing chemical structure with online tools is very easy and quick. Most of them actually developed for finding chemical properties from its chemical structure. But it allows us to download the chemical structures as an image. Thus, we can use the image for scientific reports, presentations and etc. However, this tool offers very limited functionalities. In fact, we cannot save our work if we want to continue drawing the structure at a later date. Here I shared with you the… Read More »Free software to Draw Chemical Structures and Chemical Reaction Schemes

create graph using free software

Design a Graph Professionally with the Free Software

Veusz If you want to design a graph with a professional look, you can use Veusz. Veusz is a free graphing software to create scientific plotting and graphs for professional presentations, scientific reports, and publications. It can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and macOS. Almost every type of graph can be designed with Veusz including 2-D and 3-D graphs. The software allows us to do various customization to create a sleek and beautiful graph. You can tweak… Read More »Design a Graph Professionally with the Free Software

Free Online Tools to Draw Chemical Structures

If you are a science’s student you may require to insert a chemical structure in the report or assignment. Drawing it with paint is not an easy task. What people normally do is search the structure using google image. Copy-paste it, then you are done. You are lucky if you could found the chemical structure. Even if you are lucky, the image is not at high resolution. There are actually plenty of free online tools for drawing chemical structures. MolView… Read More »Free Online Tools to Draw Chemical Structures