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cooking oil fried potatoes

How Many Times Cooking Oil Could be Reuse

We love frying food because of the taste and texture. It looks delicious! I do love crunchy and crispy fried potato or fried chicken. Who does not, you really have weird taste. Get a doctor! For those who did kitchen work, it quite often we reuse the cooking oil because we don’t want to waste it. Especially when we are running a food business. We want to cut costs, reuse cooking oil does matter. Do you ever wonder how many… Read More »How Many Times Cooking Oil Could be Reuse

nitrile glove

Know Your Rubber Glove

Have you ever wear a glove before? If not, you definitely not a doctor, nurse, or scientist. I still remember back at school, my chemistry teacher asked me to use a glove while doing an experiment even though it too huge for my hands. But it does the job! protecting your hand. These days glove is essential items, not just for hospital and lab workers. It also for those handling food & beverages or customer services. Because gems, bacteria, and… Read More »Know Your Rubber Glove

Prebiotic and Probiotic

Prebiotic or Probiotic

If you bought beverages or supplements from the store, you may notice the word ‘Prebiotic’ and ‘Probiotic’ on the label. Are these two words mean the same thing? It is not! What is probiotic Probiotic means your product contains living bacteria! but don’t get scared as these bacteria are special and work wonders for our digestive system. As a matter of fact, we do have millions of bacteria living in the intestine to digest our foods and they contribute to… Read More »Prebiotic or Probiotic

Biodiesel fuel station

How to Make Biodiesel

What is Biodiesel The scientific name for biodiesel is fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) and the term is well known among the researchers. What inside biodiesel is not the same as that of diesel from petroleum. Diesel mostly contains paraffin, naphthenes, alkylbenzenes, and some aromatic compounds. Even though they are different, it works for a normal engine. You might notice biodiesel at some gas pump station. But most of them are not 100% biodiesel. They usually mixed at up to… Read More »How to Make Biodiesel