What is a Spectrophotometer?

Detecting a chemical compound without a spectrophotometer never being easy. That why every chemistry lab is equipped with this analytical device. Spectrophotometer works by separating the spectral of light and measure its component intensity. Since some chemicals absorb light thus the intensity of the adsorption can be measured by using a spectrophotometer and its concentration could be quantified. Light Light is some sort of electromagnetic radiation emitted from its sources. It could be light from the candle, lamp, sunlight reflected… Read More »What is a Spectrophotometer?

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Writing a Literature Review

A literature review is a comprehensive discussion pertaining to the overall overview or current progress of a particular topic. The review covers scholarly articles, books, reports, theses, magazines and etc. A literature review is not limited to when you want to write a thesis, research journal, and research proposal. The purpose of the review could be for finding a gap for future work, enhance understanding, or keeping track of recent progress. For this post, we are going to focus on… Read More »Writing a Literature Review


Write Science Paper Effectively: Write Problem Statement

The statement of the problem to be solved must be clearly written for a good introduction. The general statement and research description shall help the reader to grasp the area of your research. Now, here we should be more specific on the issue to be solved. The problem statement should be constructive. Applied the following step to write a compelling problem statement. General statement of the problem & research question In the beginning, create a general statement on the issue… Read More »Write Science Paper Effectively: Write Problem Statement


Write Science Paper Effectively: Write Research Description

A good introduction of a research paper must have a general statement, research description, and problem statement. We have prepared tips on how to write a general statement for the introduction in the previous post. Now we want to continue to the next subsection of the introduction, which is the research description. In brief, the research description is a mini-review of a specific research field. It has to be specific because the general information was included in the earlier subsection… Read More »Write Science Paper Effectively: Write Research Description

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Write Science Paper Effectively: Write General Statement

An in-depth understanding of the background of the research is necessary to conduct research. With poor knowledge, you cannot do research or write anything related to research. To gain more information, you need to read articles, journals, books, etc on a constant basis. Engage in discussions related to your research field may enhance your knowledge as well. Later, this knowledge would be useful for writing a good introduction to a science paper. The first section needs to be written is… Read More »Write Science Paper Effectively: Write General Statement

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Write Science Paper Effectively: Write a Good Introduction

The first essay we need to write for a thesis, report, research proposal, science paper, or science journal is the introduction. These documents have different styles of formats regardless, the introduction is a must. This section is the foundation of your paper and it should guide your reader to the overall content. At the end of the reading, the reader should be able to grasp the juice of your paper. Hence, the introduction must be structured properly to help the… Read More »Write Science Paper Effectively: Write a Good Introduction

Flu Pandemic

Ways to Prevent Flu Pandemic

Nobody wants to get infected with the flu sickness. But we often cannot avoid them. On average we were infected once a year and it takes 1 week to fully recover. Flu is categorized as infectious diseases caused by viruses. It easily transmitted through air and physical contact. The recent flu pandemic by COVID 19 was not expected. The outbreak is uncontrolled. Thus, the whole world is forced to stay at home for months with millions of death. Also The… Read More »Ways to Prevent Flu Pandemic

Sustainable and Alternative Chemical Sources

Concern on oil depletion and global warming has shifted us to sustainable alternative energy such as solar and wind energy. But we could not stop just yet to produce chemicals from petroleum oil. Chemicals are essential building blocks for us to make fabric, plastic ware, container, paint, solvents, shoes, carpet, medicine, flavor, fragrances, additives, and much more. There is a various option for energy sources, but there are no sustainable alternative chemical sources just yet. Without chemicals, our lifestyle would… Read More »Sustainable and Alternative Chemical Sources

Where to Find Chemicals and Physicals Properties

Sometimes we do need to find the properties of a specific chemical. It could be for scientific reports, performing a chemical calculation, modeling, and simulation purposes. If you need to find any chemicals or physicals properties, you can try the following databases. It is indeed the best place to start with. Most of the databases offer tons of information on any compounds. Free databases for chemical & physical properties NIST Chemistry WebBook PubChem Chemspider Chemnetbase MatWeb Paid Databases for chemical… Read More »Where to Find Chemicals and Physicals Properties

Free software to Draw Chemical Structures and Chemical Reaction Schemes

Drawing chemical structure with online tools is very easy and quick. Most of them actually developed for finding chemical properties from its chemical structure. But it allows us to download the chemical structures as an image. Thus, we can use the image for scientific reports, presentations and etc. However, this tool offers very limited functionalities. In fact, we cannot save our work if we want to continue drawing the structure at a later date. Here I shared with you the… Read More »Free software to Draw Chemical Structures and Chemical Reaction Schemes